We Are TERO Native American Business. 

PPC Flight is currently my favorite outdoor activity.

Kelly is Co owner of Ak4 Concrete Solutions. He is the guy that does the work for you. Kelly is currently into kayaking and is planning soon on taking ocean kayak adventures.  Kelly also is an outdoors man that enjoys mountain biking, community gardening, guitar, harmonica playing and romancing beautiful women. Kelly lives in Old Town Auburn, CA. 


We specialize in sealer-free, low-maintenance, Eco-friendly, unique concrete surfaces, stains, and counter-tops, all work is sealer free and designed to handle fork lift traffic. All work comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Key Installations are commercial, industrial, public, and residential purposes.

Ak4 Concrete Solutions main focus is working to promote green-friendly business practices. We take the necessary steps to ensure the materials and processes at any job are low environmental exposure, low toxicity, and long lasting. As well, we are constantly innovating and testing materials manufactured with an Eco-conscious intent.

Awards & Media

Appearances in Fu-Tung Cheng's Concrete At Home

Featured in The Sac Bee 

Television appearance on Good Morning Sacramento

Residential Concrete Magazine in '06 for decorative concrete polishing.

Concrete Artists at The 2007 World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

Concrete Artist at The 2015 World of Concrete in Las Vegas

April '07 issue of Concrete Construction Magazine, about decorative polished concrete.


Ak4 Concrete Solutions was founded by Mark Foreman in 2005 and is located in Auburn, CA. Beginning in 1996 Foreman co-found Bomanite of Northern California, a franchise of Bomanite Corporation. 

After growing and gaining a quality reputation, Bomanite of Northern California became Apex Concrete Designs Inc. Co-founder Nick Johnson bought Apex in September 2005, to continue working in stamped concrete. 

At that time, Foreman began Ak4 Concrete Solutions, a company that would specialize in sealer free, low maintenance, Eco-friendly, unique concrete surfaces, stains, counter-tops for commercial, industrial, public, and residential purposes.

With over 40 years experience in the trade, Foreman's son joined the company and is carrying the legacy of innovation, creativity, and solid craftsmanship. 


 Ak4 also offers consultation services to customers. After analyzing the surface, the situation, and specifications, Foreman can formulate a solution to anyone's needs.   He is open to ideas and creative concepts from customers, confident that whatever that can be achieved is only limited by the imagination.

To contact us, e-mail is the most efficient, but you can also call Mark at (530) 823-3056