We understand that what may make perfect sense to us may be completely foreign to you. We don't mind if you have questions, but we took several frequently asked questions and provided answers for them directly on the website.

Can you polish concrete in my home or business?

-Yes! We have the equipment to handle any space and size to make a smooth and durable finish.

What's the difference between honed and polished concrete?

-Polished surfaces are typically used indoors for a smooth, sleek surface.  Honed concrete is processed down with an abrasive pad to give the finish more texture.  This is generally used for outdoor surfaces like driveways or walkways, minimizing the risk of slipping.

Is it possible to polish my existing concrete floor that has vinyl, carpet and tile on it?

-Yes, In most cases we can transform your existing floor into time worn rustic granite with the use of stains and dyes to create a mottled patina finish. We also have a new natural cement overlay that is polishable. The overlay is very thin and will give you a new surface without the need to replace your floor or use an overlay that requires topical sealers and are high in maintenance.

How does AK4 Concrete Solutions provide sustainable, ecologically friendly construction?

-Concrete, by nature, is more durable, requires less replacing and maintenance,  All of this adds up to less energy and resources spent on whatever surface constructed.  Our  sealer free surfaces eliminate the need to constantly strip and re apply acrylic and epoxy sealers that are by nature resource depleting products. Our Sealer free systems improve indoor air quality and reduced lighting cost by increased light reflectivity when our polished concrete system is used.

What is involved with the consultation process?

-First, AK4 Concrete Solutions is open to receive any information about the space, location, and condition of the existing structure; along with any design requests.  We will then go on site to evaluate the situation for the various construction, repair, and/or design considerations.  Then, we work with the customer's design in a creative, integrative process that incorporates the chemical and physical properties of the medium to formulate direction and possibilities.  After that, it's off to work!

If you have questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone

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