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After years of  doing beautiful stained and sealed concrete floors, we discovered that, after a few years, our floors were scratched, scuffed, and in some case the sealers were walked through to the point where there was no stain left. We found that acrylic sealers and urethane required too much maintenance for most of our customers.

So around 6 years ago, we discontinued this service until we could find a better system. POLISHED AND DENSIFIED CONCRETE is the answer! We can finally give you a permanent, coating-free, no-wax floor with the look and feel of stone. Polished concrete is truly the perfect, low cost, low maintenance floor system available today.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished and Densified Concrete was first introduced 1n 1998. With great success, big box stores like IKEA and Home Depot are some of the first to use this process. The process involves grinding machines that grind the concrete using diamond segmented disks that are used to grind down and then polish up the concrete, using progressively finer disk. The finer the disk, the higher the sheen. The disk are numbered 16 grit for an aggressive grind, and continue through each step 50 - 100 - 200 - 400 - 800 - 1500 and 3500 grit .

After acid stain or dyes, densifiers are usually applied at the 400 grit level, and then we continue to polish to the desired level of sheen. We use both wet and dry polishing methods and have different sized machines to handle both large and small areas. Other trades & craftsmen can usually work along side of us during most of the process.

Architectural Elements

 Old previously-existing concrete or new concrete can be stained or dyed, both with or without resist to create a beautiful mottled time worn Granite look and feel. New concrete pours can be integrally colored with colorful rock embedded to enhance the finish. Color hardeners are also a great choice for decorative polished concrete. The design possibilities are only limited to ones imagination!


Decorative saw cuts with or without grout for unlimited patterns

Detail or stripping tape is also used for graphic and pattern effects

Stencils for intricate detail – custom logos and art design see www.modelloconcrete.com

 Metal forms for intricate detail may be used see http://www.cec-waterjet.com/Terrazzo/insert-system/index.htm

Semi precious stones and glass aggregate chips. http://www.trivitro.com/vitrohue_agg/colors_sizes.html for example of glass & stone aggregate chips

 Why or Benefits of Polished Concrete?

  • Lowest life-cycle cost
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Ultra low maintenance free – dust mop water and neutral cleaner
  • Light reflectivity up to 30% greater
  • Abrasion resistance up to 400 % greater
  • Impact strength up to 20% greater
  • ASR SAFE based on lithium, and will not trigger or contribute to damaging surface ASR (alkali-silica reactivity).
  • Non Toxic, Green friendly
  • Eliminates the ongoing cost of coating and floor covering failures and replacement
  • mproved indoor air quality.
  • Polished concrete can qualify for (LEED) Platinum, Gold and Silver on many projects.